Ireland small group tours



[ Based Loveland, Colorado, USA & Penzance, England.] WE ARE RE-JIGGING OUR WEBSITE HEADER AUG. 25/26th.


  • We, as in Pamela & Gregg, are changing our ‘touring’ name from to from 2017.
  • The next column explains our change of ‘touring’ style for 2017 onward but it is important to mention that the 2 previously featured & now sold-out 2017 tours will naturally go-ahead as advertised. Our Guests on those 2 tours & on our early December 2016 “Local & Community” promo tour will be getting a notification shortly about a price reduction due to favourable currency movements post ‘BREXIT’. Yippeee! Adios EU! I think I was the only Londoner to vote ‘Bye-bye EU’.
  • Our first “Local & Community Trip Experience” will be a 10 day/9 night Southern Cotswolds visit which will include a 7 night stay in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds. There will of course be days out to ‘off-the-beaten-track’ historic venues with several private & exclusive in-house tours like visiting the tucked-away room where the fate of King Charles 1st was sealed. It was nowhere near London. We will visit the little village where the famous Queen Elizabeth 1st ‘man or woman’ mystery began. This will not be a regurgitaion of the much publicised ‘Bisley Boy’. You will hear the result of our exclusive research. Oh I nearly forgot the ‘American Turkey’ emblem for the good ol’ USA. No really it is there in the ancient church & not an eagle in sight. Our Guests will enjoy stacks of free time as well to meet the locals. Word of warning : There will be lots of INCLUDED morning & afternoon teas including cream teas, ancient pub lunches & dinners with drinks so if you don’t like the idea [LOL] of eating local Cotswolds cakes & buns let us know in advance – all the more for me. There will be plenty of walking & probably climbing up the Gloucester Cathedral tower. It’s ok, you can come down the quick way.


  • Increasingly, the word ‘tour/s’ conjures up big groups of 50 tourists rushing around in big tour buses getting no time at visits. That is the complete opposite of our philosophy with our small groups of 14-17 Guests. We will still use larger, more spacious MIDI-Coaches as opposed to small, cramped minibuses which are normally used for small group ‘touring’. 1st class rail travel will also remain high on our agenda.
  • There is another ‘Jolly Good Tours’ tour operator [] based in London for London & nearby touring that is very good but unconnected to us so our name changed will help to avoid confusion.
  • There is another reason. We are changing our style of ‘touring’ to “Local & Community Trip Experiences” with mostly 1 centre stays for a week or 2 centre stays for 2 weeks roughly speaking. We have been bombarded over the last couple of years with requests for this type of ‘private/customised’ small group tour. This appears to be the result of popular TV progs. like “Downton Abbey” which entices travellers to want to ‘immerse’ themselves in the local community. See next column >>>>
  • Local & Community” style touring doesn’t fit for Ireland so our leisurely touring style there will be pretty much unchanged. To clarify that means mostly 2, 3 & 4 night stays.


  • Our new website will be up & running by Sept. 1st 2016. You are on it now but during August 2016 it will metamorphosize from to in terms of content.
  • <<<< From previous column. ‘Immersing yourself in the local community’ doesn’t mean that you will be doing the washing up in someone’s kitchen. Indeed we will not be using bed & breakfasts & definitely NOT having our Guests staying in people’s homes where we have no control over the way food is cooked or not cooked more to the point!
  • Local & Community” examples would be during our 1 week stay spending the whole day in the town on Market Day; enjoying afternoon tea in the church hall or in company of the WI [‘Women’s Institute]; maybe having afternoon tea with the village cricket team on ‘match day’; enjoying plenty of ancient pub lunches/dinners in company of the locals.
  • Historic & literary visits plus TV/Movie locations will figure prominently as always – it’s what we do! The localised nature of our ‘day out’ travelling means that getting private & exclusive guided tours at venues will be much easier. We will be able to visit historic houses that most ‘tourists’ have never heard of. Many of these ‘more intimate’ houses are ultra friendly & have superb catering so expect lots of tea/coffee/cakes/scones as well as history & ghosts.

We look forward to giving you a lifelong experience in our own leisurely ‘in-depth visits’ style. So good that you can almost smell the monk’s socks from 800 years ago in stunning Durham Cathedral; you can almost hear Jane Austen scribbling away at her desk when we visit her cottage in Chawton; you can almost feel St. Patrick walking up the hill behind you at the magnificent Rock of Cashel; almost hear Heathcliff’s name blowing across the wild moors outside the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth. Last but not least; was that Mary Queen of Scots rushing past us on her white charger down ‘her’ country lane as she made her ill-fated escape from Loch Leven Castle? We often think it is.

Pamela & Gregg. [Owners/Directors]